19Thirty collection: Welcome to uniqueness

Much more than a new model, Pascal Raffy, owner of BOVET 1822 and DIMIER 1738, has decided to unveil an entire new collection for the second half of 2015. To understand its substance, legitimacy and genesis, we invite you to embark on a journey back in time.

Bovet unveils the 19Thirty collection

The new Bovet 1822 timepiece was inspired by a pocket watch from the 1930s. It features a thousand little details and a fascinating interplay of symmetries.

by Marco Cattaneo – There are no "watches" at Bovet 1822, only "timekeepers."You might think this is a bit of semantic capriciousness, but it's not. Whosoever has listened to Pascal Raffy, the company owner, as he corrects an interlocutor will realize that there is something deeper there, the translation into words of a sincere obsession for precision and detail. The new 19Thirty is no exception to the rule. It does not boast "Swiss made" on the dial, but rather "Swiss handcrafted."

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Bovet 19Thirty: A Tale of Two Epochs

Because milestone timepieces don’t necessarily have to be complicated: the Bovet 19 Thirty, bridging the past and present of watchmaking.

by Amr Sindi – I’ve always been a quiet, curious admirer of Bovet, a historical name that operates independently with an uncommon approach to reinterpreting classical watchmaking. But It wasn’t until the last two years or so that I’ve really started giving Bovet a more serious consideration, ever since they created more accessible in-house movements that still retain the neo-classical charm and intricacy they’ve built a reputation around. One such example is the recently unveiled 19 Thirty collection, available in two very distinct case configurations.

Bovet 19 Thirty with Fleurier case and blue dial - hands-on watch review

I adore fine timepieces, especially in the most elevated echelons of haute horologerie where the air is thin and few venture. A recent encounter with one of Bovet's latest creations has given me a reason to be cheerful.

by Angus Davies – The most elevated echelons of haute horologerie are a world of superbness where 'perfection', 'excellence' and 'heritage' are part of the lexicon typically employed. Indeed, it is this sphere of refined magnificence which has always elicited words of praise to freely leave my lips. Sadly, despite my being able to appreciate the peerless creation of a no-compromise timepiece, I am left downcast knowing my own limited fiscal means preclude the purchase of the finest exemplars of haute horlogerie. However, a recent encounter with one of Bovet's latest creations has given me a reason to be cheerful.

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